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City View Motel
30 Tasman Highway, Montagu Bay, 7018
Call on: 03 6243 8388


We are glad you found us. Yes, City View Motel! This means you’ll have free parking outside your front door and of course friendly & helpful service.

Esacape from it all! - Relax and Explore!

Away from that hustle and bustle of the city, unwind back to the 60’s with one of Hobart’s hidden secrets. With one of the finest view you can ever imagine, City View Motel has it all…
Let us delight you. Discover the ambience of the motels 1960s architecture with 21st Century service at the City View Motel.

Amazing views - City View Motel


Located high up on the Eastern shore of Hobart’s Derwent River, by the footsteps of the Gordon Hill nature reserve, we are a gateway to a spectacular visual experience.
Ideal accommodation with elegance, simplicity, tranquillity and abundant native wildlife are the hallmarks of City View Motel.
Enjoy the magnificent city and mountain vistas whilst relaxing in the comfort of your own room.