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Hobart, Tasmania

What to do when in Hobart?

Hobart – the capital of Tasmania has lots to offer. Enjoy a relaxed and laid-back escape from mainland Australia. To take of the many tasks off you when preparing your holiday, we have put together a little guide with our five top choices of must-do’s:

1. Climb Mount Wellington
It’s Hobart’s most obvious highlight and is sitting just to the west of Hobart CBD and is only a 20 minutes drive away. Tours and regular shuttle are available from the city centre.
The 360-degree view covers a variety of landscapes including Hobart itself, the harbour extending to the Southern Ocean, the waters of the Derwent River and the vibrant green of the Derwent Valley.

2. MONA – Museum of Old and New Art
“If there’s a single item that’s done a lot to put Tasmania on the international map in recent years, The Museum of Old and New Art is it.”
For a truly world-class experience in what otherwise might be quite an unexpected place.

3. The Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens
The Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, which cover an area of approximately 14 hectares, were established in 1818 and are located within the Queens Domain.
Unwind in the restaurant and enjoy the lovely views.

4. Battery Point & Salamanca Place
This is one of Hobart’s oldest and most historic suburbs dating back to 1830’s. Connected to Salamanca Place by Kelly’s steps, all constructed out of sandstone, Battery Point is a place that needs to be taken on foot.
You should try and get there on a Saturday and you can experience Salamanca markets in the morning.

5. Cascade Brewery
Cascade Brewery is the oldest running brewery in Tasmania, over 150 years. Just the building alone is worth a look, it’s an impressive example of older, colonial-style architecture. Tours and beer tastings are available.


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    A big +1 for Salamanca market!

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