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Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart – What’s new in town?


Some are brand spanking, some are ‘newish’ and some doors haven’t even swung open. What’s more, this is just Hobart. We have so much more to bring you….there’s whispers of Mexico in North Hobart, some good coffee on its way on the corner of Murray and Brisbane, also newbies headed for Kingston Beach. But for now, let’s take a peek at what’s popped up in town.

If you’re in the know, you will have popped into the tropical tiny-ness that is the South Seas Cocktail Lounge. Barely large enough to turn your ship in, this inviting lounge offers authentic classic cocktails. If you like rum, head this way Wednesday to Saturday from 5pm. If the door says full, that just means others have beaten you there.

Every day after 3pm….milkshakes are $2. Have you ever heard such a thing? Or stop in for a toastie and a milkshake or T2 cuppa for $5. It’s the kind of offering that may encourage interstate visitors to move to Hobart. Travel back in time at Little Shoes Espresso where quality seasonal food and coffee is worth handing over a $10 tip for.

Australia’s former Country Chef of the Year, Steve Cumper, has re-opened his doors in Cygnet much to the delight of all who missed RVL following a devastating fire. You’ll find everything there ever was to love, delivered in his stylish new lounge. All is well in this foodie hamlet once more.

Suspended on Hobart’s floating pier like a ship in the night, The Glass House is a destination. Here, you can choose your own cocktail glass – take a peek at the Murano glassware handpicked by the owners and pieces collected at auction from grand Tasmanian estates. Put a bottle of Tasmanian single malt in The Glass House locker for next time you visit. After all, you’ll want to return.

Whisk & Co are fast making Lenah Valley a must-go-to destination. Perhaps it’s the pastry chef’s lemon curd tarts, the all-day Vietnamese fried omelette or new dinner menu that has the local neighbourhood wrestling for a seat. Let’s just say, they know how to use a whisk.

This isn’t just the territory of excited primary school kids wanting cookies. These are the type that stop big children in their tracks – the adult kind. And don’t be tricked by the name. This cookie company do delicious layered cakes and other sweet treats as well. Go on, spoil yourself.

On Adrift’s outdoor balcony you can practically dip your toes in the River Derwent while eating strawberry cheesecake in a glass. Perched on the far end of Brooke Street Pier, Adrift has front row seats to the water – the ideal place to catch some sunshine with a craft ale or two.

This lovely little haven filled with works of local makers and artists is a must-visit just because. You too may walk out with a newly knitted scarf from a maker in north west Tasmania. Or you may just find your own little island-crafted gem in this space where pieces are constantly changing.


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