City View Motel

Hobart, Tasmania

City View Motel – a pet-friendly Motel

Don’t leave your beloved pet behind, bring them with you to City View Motel, now offering pet-friendly accommodation in Hobart!

Ask anyone with pets and they’ll agree; they are a part of the family. When heading to Hobart for a holiday, travelling for an extended period of time, or relocating, there’s nothing worse than having to leave your furry friend behind.

Now there’s no reason to feel guilty, book a kennel or go through the stress of finding a pet sitter. City View Motel offers the convenience of pet-friendly accommodation so you can avoid the heartache of being away from your pet while travelling.

All you need to do is bring along their favourite bed and bowl (and perhaps a cosy jumper for those cooler days) and you’re all set to go!

The Motel is located opposite Gordens Hill Reserve, so imagine the delight of taking your pet for a morning stroll, heading out to one of Hobart’s pet-friendly parks, or simply sleeping easy knowing that they are in the best hands and not missing you.

Pet-friendly hotel rooms are limited and are not available online, they must be booked with the property directly. Please contact us directly to allow us to tailor a quote for your stay. Book your pet-friendly Hobart accommodation today!

We will be delighted to welcome you and your four-legged companion to the pet-friendly, City View Motel.

Dog waste bins are located in many locations around our city in popular dog walking areas. Please use these bins to access waste bags and to deposit any dog litter. It is an offence not to clean up after your dog, and on the spot, fines will be issued to anyone not cleaning up after their dog, or leaving a filled dog poo bag behind.

Off lead and effective control exercise areas

  • Anzac Park, Lindisfarne
  • Mortimer Bay Coastal Reserve (not including the beach area which is managed by Parks & Wildlife Service)
  • Montagu Bay Reserve (bounded by Conara Road and Rosny Esplanade)
  • Regional parks and bushland areas, which have not declared to be on-lead, or restricted to dogs, such as the Waverley Flora Park and many suburban parks. Please check local signage.

On lead exercise areas

  • 1a Beach Street, Bellerive (area immediately behind Luttrell Avenue)
  • Multi-user pathways (including areas immediately adjacent to the track to a distance of 2 metres)
  • Simmons Park, Lindisfarne
  • Rosny Hill Nature Recreation Area
  • Wentworth Park Play Park, Howrah
  • Second Bluff, Bellerive
  • Bellerive Boardwalk (waterside perimeter only)
  • Nature recreation areas (managed by Parks and Wildlife Service)
  • All dune access tracks
  • Clarence Foreshore Trail: This is a multi-user pathway which follows the shore of the Derwent River and it is one of the most popular dogs walking areas within Clarence. The trail extends from Geilston Bay to Tranmere. Dogs must be kept on-lead at all times when on this shared pathway. This on-lead requirement extends out to a distance of 2 metres on either side of the track.